The Owner Representative Jobs Process


Online Application

Using our online application, upload your resume and personal data. The portal walks you through important info to start your journey with APS.


We Contact You

We’ve got recruiters dedicated to specific industries. Your recruiter will learn what is important to you, such as hours, locations, career goals, etc, so that they can successfully match you to outage support jobs that fit your career goals.


We Go to work for You

Once we’ve done our due diligence, APS Solutions begins matching your skills to the right owner’s representative  jobs. Our extensive network and decades of experience in the energy and heavy industrial fields provide us with a steady stream of opportunities.


We Put You to Work

Time to put your hard-earned skills to good use, doing what you do best. We’ll have your back, plus the more satisfied clients you make, the more jobs you’ll get!


APS Keeps Working For You!

As you complete jobs successfully, your staffing team will strategically place you on projects to build your experience and skills to professionally advance your career.

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