Nick Aust


Red Angle
Red Angle

Employee Spotlight


Finding his Passion

Nick’s fascination with engines and his father’s 25-year career in turbine operation sparked his interest in the field. He shares, “I wanted to walk in his shoes and learn what he’s learned.”

Overcoming Challenges

Nick’s biggest challenge? Managing the immense responsibility of overseeing personnel and $35 million worth of equipment. But his approach is clear: “Treat everything out here like it’s mine, and treat other people how I want to be treated – be humble, be aware, and always plan for the unexpected.”

A Job Well Done

Nick’s proudest accomplishment? “Moving all this equipment with no injuries or damage, and starting up on time. Meeting deadlines and keeping everyone safe – that’s what matters most.”

Significant Contribution

Nick’s skill and leadership were key in a recent project. “We moved a turbine in 24 hours, safely and efficiently. My role included setting up the location, inspections, and clear communication with everyone involved.”

Why APS?

“The people,” Nick says. “The communication I have with the recruiting office is phenomenal. They truly care.”

A Fun Fact

Nick’s passion extends beyond turbines. “I love jet boats! I build them back home in Arkansas when I’m off work. I like to go fast!”

Advice for Newcomers

“Pay attention to detail, communication is key, and safety comes first,” Nick emphasizes. “Ask questions, follow procedures, and always be aware of your surroundings.”

Thank you, Nick, for your dedication and expertise!