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Employee Computer Timesheet Instructions

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APS Timesheet Process

APS Solutions payroll week runs Monday-Sunday. If the job requires a work week outside of APS, timesheets are still due Monday morning.

  • Paychecks are processed as direct deposits.
  • Deposits for employees are dated for the following week’s Friday’s date.

EXAMPLE: Weekending date of 09/10/23, Check date will be 09/15/23.

What does this mean for you as an Employee?

  • Payroll is to receive your approved timesheet by 10am Monday morning. Therefore, submit your time and expenses to your supervisor PRIOR to 10am Monday morning to meet the deadline.

Per Diem For Lodging, Meals & Incidentals

  • If you are receiving per diem for lodging, meals , and incidentals ensure that you have 3 separate entries, one for each expense.

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