The APS Difference

Investing In People


We are in the people business and people are our product. We are devoted to investing in our product.


We have an ability to keep our best people working the majority of the time, which allows us to retain the top talent.


You are just as likely to get a full-time APS employee as you are one of the top contract employees.


Unlike the majority of our competitors, we offer the industry’s best and most robust benefits package to our employees.


APS is dedicated to success – we have a proven process to qualify candidates which has been built and shaped our company.


We have ownership that is committed to making APS the best it can possibly be. We continue to reinvest assets back into the company to make it better and stronger.


We are not a body shop, nor a head hunter, we are a professional staffing company that is built into a global services provider for the Energy and Heavy Industrial Industry.


We have spent decades refining our database to ensure that we have the industry’s top professionals and talent networks. With thousands of previous and current employees in our database, we have the ability to respond to your needs quickly


We have some of the industry’s top recruiters who have years of experience working at some of the industry’s finest companies. This gives APS a competitive advantage when trying to identify the industry’s top talent.


We are one of the only companies to have a dedicated mobilization and retention department to ensure our guys arrive safe and on time for the projects. If an issue arises we typically know about it before the customer and mitigate any issues and have a solution to present.